VSCO Film 5 – Adobe Lightroom

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I have been experimenting with the VSCO Film 5 presets in Adobe Lightroom.

Essentially they re-create the colours of classic 35mm film, with fine tuning by camera type.

The effects are sometimes subtle, but always give a nice finish to the image. As VSCO says in the advertising material, many of us grew up with photos taken on such films, and there is something pleasing about the effects. It’s not “LoFi” at all – just subtle colour change. Maybe it is a bit like appreciating vinyl recordings, yet the VSCO resolution is well up to today’s digital files.

Here’s a sequence to illustrate.

First, the original shot taken with a Leica M9-P, Elmarit 28mm, in Werregarenstraat, Gent, last year. It has been “cleaned up” in Lightroom with minimum change.


Then, finished as Agfa Vista 100 in VSCO Film as presets in Lightroom. Lots of colour “punch” with a slightly blue cast.

Agfa Vista 100

Next, Kodak Ultramax 400. The greens seem more muted than the Agfa, though perhaps truer to the original.

Ultramax 400

Finally, Fuji Neopan 400. A pleasant, warm finish.

Fuji Neopan 400

Any favourites? I really like the Agfa …

The filters are indeed subtle but well worth persevering with. And right now there is a “summer sale” on the software.