The Q gets the Bee …

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Just got back from a wonderful 3 week road trip through France, Holland and Belgium. Lots of fun and a great chance to try out the new Leica Q. Loving it – see my earlier notes.

However, I am now going through the images, and came across this one. It’s taken in Périgueux. When I shot it, I was looking for a nice background bokeh, with some sharpness on the flowers. I’ve not done much at all to the image, other than a little on the levels. Q images seem to me quite saturated, and they have a very impressive dynamic range, so they are very easy to correct for highlights or shadows.

The image was shot at F/2.5, 1/2500th and ISO 100. This image is the full size, as taken from the camera. Click on it to get a better view.

Main Image

Zooming in (using a 1500 px crop, from the original 6000 px, in Lightroom), I was very pleased with the Q’s performance in nailing the details on the petals, even when so tightly cropped.


But then I noticed the Bee, in the bottom right hand corner. So I also also cropped it at 1500 px.

I would like to think it is a “decisive moment”, but it’s just a lucky shot with a technological boost 🙂

It’s not a great image in its own right, but it does show once again the terrific sharpness and versatility of the Summilux F/1.7 and the new Q sensor.

Thank you, Leica!

The Bee