Photography is writing

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I just read this, written by Tom McCarthy, novelist, in Aperture 217, Winter 2014

“Perhaps in the end the difference between image and word isn’t relevant.

Because ultimately it’s all scriptural: things such as light or ink mark and are recorded on surfaces, and that’s an event of writing.

I also don’t think there is a massive categorical distinction between digital and analog photography, or digital writing on a laptop and writing on a typewriter or by hand.

We live in what Michel de Certeau calls the “scriptorium”. Everything is written. We’re within a set of networks of archiving, recording, transmitting and making visible, or hiding and eavesdropping”.

As Laurent Scheinfeld and I last night were talking about our “voice” in our photography, McCarthy’s words struck a cord. Is our “photographic voice” simply our words expressed in an image?

Views, anyone?