Most Liked Images of 2017

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Inspired by the Instagram #2017BestNine, I decided to compile my most liked images on Facebook in 2017. There isn’t a quick way to do this, as far as I know. But being fascinated by data, and rather geeky, I have been keeping track 🙂

First, the Instagram #2017BestNine

Interesting dataset: 6 B&W, 3 Colour. 6 Leica (SLx4, M10x2). 1 Olympus (OMD 10). 1 film (Pentax – archives). 1 iPhone 7Plus (in fact the most liked). 6 ‘street’, 3 landscape

Now, here’s the top 12 from Facebook, all of which received a combined total of between 300-500 likes across various groups.

1. Dates in Malta. Leica SL, Noctilux F/1.0

2. Style has No Age, Porto. Leica M10, Summicron 50mm

3. The Restaurant, Paris. Leica Q

4. Teaching the Others to Fly, Bath. Leica M10, Summicron 35mm

5. Beautiful Evening in Delft. Leica Q

6. Hidden Depths, Shaftesbury. Leica SL, Noctilux F/1.0

7. Walls & Trees, Peak District. Leica SL, Vario-Elmarit 24-90mm

8. Take my Picture, Bath. Leica SL, Vario-Elmarit 24-90mm

9. Our Backyard, Bath. Leica SL, Vario-Elmarit 24-90mm

10. Rainy Night in Leeds. Leica M10, Noctilux F/1.0

11. Smiling Protectors, Bath. iPhone 7Plus

12. You want to take Another Picture? Hay. Leica M10, Noctilux F/1.0

So, 4 images in common with Instagram.

  • 11 Leica, 1 iPhone.
  • 3 B&W, 9 Colour.
  • 4 M10, 5 SL, 2 Q.
  • 4 Noctilux.
  • 8 ‘street’/people, 4 Landscape / urban.

I know, geek …. 🙂