Nikon F4s

Do they make them like this anymore?

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No wonder my F4s seems indestructible. Just came across this fantastic “dissection” of the construction and electronics.

It’s a rather old site, but don’t let that detract from the wealth of information here.

To quote the article:

Just like the F3, the priority is how to protect all the sensitive electrical and electronic components within. So, it started with the Nikon F4 backbone which uses a solid aluminum-alloy die-cast body structure for superb strength, rigidity and resistance to corrosion. The die-cast body consists of a front body, rear body, finder mounting section and hand grip. To ensure stability when changing numerous accessories, including lenses, finders and focusing screens, the Nikon F4’s body has to be rugged, yet manufactured to exacting tolerances. Therefore, Nikon selected a special alloy of Copper Silumin Aluminum, which is less susceptible to blowholes during manufacture.

Nikon F4S diecast


Every lever and dial of the F4 has been designed to resist intrusion by moisture or dust – Virtually every dial axis uses an O-ring or rubber bellows to seal the mechanical junctions.

There are also numerous reviews on Nikon lenses, including on one of my “old faves”, the autofocus 24mm F/2.8 from the 1990’s.

For anyone interested in classic cameras, especially Nikon, this site is well worth a look.