Budapest Streets – Colour or B&W?

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That age-old question – colour or black & white? Leica shooters are tagged with so often being monochrome, especially on the streets. And, yes, that does bring out the forms, the action and the story. But does it “cheat” on the context?

Rarely is a busy street scene simple, and there is of course an art to framing the real focus of the story. Then, of course, there’s the choice of software – always hugely subjective.

Here’s a scene on a  street corner, close to St. Stephen’s Basilica in lovely Budapest.

Processed in Tonality Pro, with a little extra contrast

Defected B&W 2

Processed in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro, for a more “neutral” black and white

Defected B&W 1

Colour enhanced in Nik’s Color Efex Pro

Defected Color Efex Pro

Original, levels and curves adjusted in Adobe Lightroom

Defected Original

Seems to me that the images with the extra punch and contrast work best – but is that “true to life”?