Hiroji Kubota

Hiroji Kubota

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Just re-looking at the work of one of my favourite photographers, Hiroji Kubota. And his latest book (2015) is an inspiration. Kubota-san is THE ‘documentary photographer’s’ photographer 🙂   “I think everybody has a great drama to talk about. Everybody.” Kubota is meticulous, an insightful traveller, a story teller, and always respectful of his subjects.   The link is to …

Budapest Streets – Colour or B&W?

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That age-old question – colour or black & white? Leica shooters are tagged with so often being monochrome, especially on the streets. And, yes, that does bring out the forms, the action and the story. But does it “cheat” on the context? Rarely is a busy street scene simple, and there is of course an art to framing the real focus of …