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Leica SL & Nikon Lenses

SL & Nikkor14mm WM -1I am loving the Leica SL – it solves all of my focusing issues with the M and then some. Has the very best technology of the Q, terrific dynamic range, and the adaptability of a proper system camera.

The flash system is still not good enough for pro use, and there are some tweaks needed to a rather odd Auto ISO algorithm. But otherwise the SL is a big breakthrough for Leica.

One of the attractions of the Leica SL is also its ability to use, with adaptors, lenses from other professional systems. I purchased the Novoflex LET/NIK adaptor from B&H a couple of weeks back, and finally was able to give it a spin today.

I used the Nikkor 14mm F/2.8, which is a superb lens in its own right. The Novoflex is really well engineered, so coupling was instant. Felt very solid.

Of course, the acid test is the image. I took a short series in the garden, and very pleased with the results.

In each case, I set the SL on Aperture priority, using Auto ISO. The Nikkor 14mm was set at F/5.6, which delivers pretty much edge to edge sharpness and no vignetting (any vignetting here is because I liked the treatment in post processing – I used Color Efex Pro inside Lightroom). The focus-peaking worked brilliantly, so allowing me to really get tight on the subject area I wanted.

SL & Nikkor 14mm Lilies CEFX Blog WM -1

Daffodils were taken at 20cm, the closest focussing of the Nikkor, ISO 50 and 1/640th sec.

SL & Nikkor 14mm Lilies CEFX Blog WM -2

Blossoms also taken at 20cmm. ISO 50 and 1/500th.

SL & Nikkor 14mm Lilies CEFX Blog WM -3

And this interior shot, also at 20cm. ISO 125 and 1/30th sec.

Really pleased with the end results, and plan to put that 14mm in my SL kit bag when out and about in future.

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What makes an image popular?

Human Scale

I posted this image on flickr yesterday – “Human Scale” – and was amazed to see it rise in the views and favs ranks. 10K views and almost 200 “favs” in less than 24 hrs – a factor of 10 more than I normally get! It was taken on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral earlier this year.

Now, it is always flattering to have one’s images liked, and I guess that is partly why we post to social sites.

That said, I am really at a loss to understand why it has become my second most fav’d image on flickr. It’s a nice picture, with a bit of a story. Still, I honestly don’t think it’s the best I have shot.

I have been a member of flickr since 2005, and I have been a bit intermittent in posting there over the years. The picture of a rainbow that I took in 2003 became my most viewed ever picture (61K views and almost 600 “favs”) very early on, when posted in 2005 – and it’s popularity has never been exceeded since. There were far fewer people on flickr then, so it was a lot easier to get “attention”.

I can see why the rainbow was popular, as it’s not often that one can capture almost the complete arc of a “double” rainbow.

However, does that make it a better picture than the first? Who knows. I sometime think that the more I take photographs, the less I understand what attracts people to the work.

Moral of the story?

Shoot what you like, not what you think others will like!


Human Scale – Leica M-P, Noctilux F/1.0, processed in Silver Efex Pro.

Rainbow – Nikon D1x, 17-35mm Nikkor, Lightroom.

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Morning Dew


iPhone – HDR

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The Fox -5

The Fox -5

A visitor to our snowy backyard

Nikon D2X, 28-70mm lens

Taken by Ingrid

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Woodlands Sunset

Amazing light behind Woodlands this evening.

HDR from 5 exposures

Nikon D2X 80-200mm lens
ISO 400 .. 1/60 @F3.8 – 1/250@F7.6

Processed in Lightroom & Photoshop

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