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The Q gets the Bee …

Just got back from a wonderful 3 week road trip through France, Holland and Belgium. Lots of fun and a great chance to try out the new Leica Q. Loving it – see my earlier notes.

However, I am now going through the images, and came across this one. It’s taken in Périgueux. When I shot it, I was looking for a nice background bokeh, with some sharpness on the flowers. I’ve not done much at all to the image, other than a little on the levels. Q images seem to me quite saturated, and they have a very impressive dynamic range, so they are very easy to correct for highlights or shadows.

The image was shot at F/2.5, 1/2500th and ISO 100. This image is the full size, as taken from the camera. Click on it to get a better view.

Main Image

Zooming in (using a 1500 px crop, from the original 6000 px, in Lightroom), I was very pleased with the Q’s performance in nailing the details on the petals, even when so tightly cropped.


But then I noticed the Bee, in the bottom right hand corner. So I also also cropped it at 1500 px.

I would like to think it is a “decisive moment”, but it’s just a lucky shot with a technological boost 🙂

It’s not a great image in its own right, but it does show once again the terrific sharpness and versatility of the Summilux F/1.7 and the new Q sensor.

Thank you, Leica!

The Bee

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The Leica Meet, Paris

There is a Facebook group, founded by Olaf Willoughby, Gavin Mills and Stephen Cosh, called The Leica Meet. And there’s an excellent, associated website. The quality of work is simply superb – please check it out.

Anyone can join, as long as you use a Leica of some description. Earlier this year they organised a street photography meet, in London and New York simultaneously. I couldn’t attend, unfortunately. Please look at these excellent images taken during the meet.

This week a Paris Meet was held, and I was able to attend.

It was enormous fun. Over 20 enthusiasts came alone – joined in passion for photography and Leica. The group will be published a selection of the best shots in a week or so. For now, here’s some of mine.

Selfie at the Moulin Rouge


Michel Yang, paper artist from Taiwan

Michel Yang



What, Me?

What, Me?

Here is my full set of images

Also, here is Herman de Pagter’s set

And here is Vincent’s set

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Thoughtful 2

iPhone & Instagram
Hotel Waldorf Trocadero, Paris

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Paris – The Left Bank-42

Notre Dame

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Paris – The Left Bank-37

Victoria at Shakespeare and Company

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