Obama, an Intimate Portrait, by Pete Souza

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I just got a copy of Pete Souza‘s ‘Obama, an Intimate Portrait‘. A superb book, on so many levels. First, Souza is an outstanding photographer, capturing documentary moments with precision, and portraits with style. There’s a lot to learn from how Mr Souza tells the story unfolding in front of him. Second, it is a fascinating historical document. Arranged in …

Hiroji Kubota

Hiroji Kubota

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Just re-looking at the work of one of my favourite photographers, Hiroji Kubota. And his latest book (2015) is an inspiration. Kubota-san is THE ‘documentary photographer’s’ photographer 🙂   “I think everybody has a great drama to talk about. Everybody.” Kubota is meticulous, an insightful traveller, a story teller, and always respectful of his subjects.   The link is to …