Most “liked” images on Facebook in 2016

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Well, “likes” are  a 21st century social phenomenon, loved by some and loathed by others. As many of you know, I am a bit of a data geek, and I consider “likes” an interesting social reading of people’s views.

Spurred on by a current Instagram trend to show off one’s “best nine” of 2016 via an automated process, I decided to look at my last 12 months on Facebook. There is not automated way of doing this, to my knowledge. I looked at the top 12, and must admit I was surprised by the eclectic results:

Train to Yogyakarta, 646 likes, Indonesia, Nikon F501, film, 1987, recently scanned.


Tapas, 507 likes, Leica Q, Bath, 2016.


Into the Light, 430 likes, Leica Q, Lisbon, 2016.


Singing in the Rain, 428 likes, Bath, film, Nikon F4s, 2015.


Strength, Papua New Guinea, 372 likes, film, Nikon F4s, 1994, recently scanned.


Spring, Doynton, 331 likes, Leica SL, 2016.


Take Off, Brighton, 322 likes, Leica Q, 2016.


Joseph, New York City, 277 likes, Leica SL, 2016.


Angry in Bath, 274 likes, Leica Q, 2016.


Outnumbered, Doynton, 263 likes, Leica SL, 2016.


Sophia, Lucknam Park, 262 likes, Leica SL, 2016.


Canal Street, Derby, 261 likes, film, Hanimex, 1979, recently scanned.


So what does that show?

  • 66% colour, 33% B&W
  • 66% digital. 33% film (#filmisnotdead :-))
  • 66% Leica, 25% Nikon
  • 75% recent images, 25% from the film archives, including the highest regarded, Train to Yogyakarta.

For reference, 28 of my images received over 200 likes each in 2016. Open to any thoughts or critique.